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Do you accept insurance?
In some cases, yes. Your insurance may offer out-of-network benefits that cover Acupuncture. Coverage must be verified by the provider. In any case, however, you may request a Superbill from me to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursment. Flexible spending accounts (FSA's) and Health Savings accounts (HSA's) will cover Acupuncture and sometimes herbal expenses. 

Does it hurt?
Many people report that they don't even feel the needles upon insertion. When the needles are retained, there will likely be a dull sense of awareness in the area surrounding the inserted needles, but it shouldn't be painful. Any discomfort can be adjusted immediately so that your treatment is as therapeutic as possible. 

How long are treatments?
In order to obtain a full health history and a thorough intake, initial visits are typically scheduled at 90 minutes and follow ups are scheduled at 60 minutes. You will receive a health history questionaire via email to fill and send back before your initial treatment. 

Do I need to bring labwork and test results?
You may bring any information that contributes to a thorough understanding of you and your health. It is always good to have records on file and with your permission, I am happy to communicate and work with any of your other physicians to best meet your needs.

What happens during a visit?
After obtaining a thorough health history, a treatment plan is created to best fit your lifestyle and needs. Typically after an intake, acupuncture needles are inserted and retained for 20-25 minutes. Any of the above mentioned treatment modalities may be incorporated to enhance your treaments. Custom herbal formulas are also considered for each patient. 

Where are your location?
My office is located at 40th St and 8th Ave inside of ID Lab New York. The address is 264 W 40th St, Suite 501. A home visit can be arranged by appointment as well. 

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